Minnie, a smiling, white pitbull-terrier-type dog

Connection. Collaboration. Community.

The Best Friends Digital Community serves as the hub for the collaboration and partnership that defines the Best Friends Network. It’s an online community where network partners of every size and type, from every corner of the country, can connect and engage with one another to maximize their lifesaving efforts on behalf of cats and dogs in need.

Through the digital community, you can:

  • Find and share advice and best practices on caring for and promoting homeless pets
  • Engage in one-to-one or one-to-many conversations about animal welfare
  • More easily connect with fellow network partners to exchange ideas
  • Develop your knowledge and expertise as a no-kill partner and leader

Join today and be part of a lifesaving learning community where everybody has a little cat or dog fur on their pants.

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Not sure what the Best Friends Network is?

The Best Friends Network comprises hundreds of animal welfare organizations across all 50 states, and is at the heart of Best Friends’ nationwide efforts to Save Them All.

The network includes:

  • Public and private animal shelters
  • Animal rescue groups
  • Spay/neuter and trap-neuter-return organizations
  • Other non-profit animal welfare organizations dedicated to creating safe, humane communities for pets and their people

Only through collaboration and partnership, will we end the killing of cats and dogs in our nation’s animal shelters and achieve no-kill for cats and dogs in America by 2025.

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