Requirements for applying for a grant

Requirements for applying for a Rachael Ray grant

Please make sure you are familiar with the following requirements for recipients of the various Rachael Ray grants before applying.


All applicants must be approved Best Friends Network partner organizations as of September 16, 2019. Click here to see if your organization is already a network partner. If not, here's where you can learn how to become one.

  • Members of the NKUT Coalition are not eligible for grants. For network partners in Utah interested in applying for a grant, please contact Tracy Kelley at
  • Members of the NKLA Coalition are not eligible for grants relating to LA Animal Services work. For network partners in NKLA interested in applying for NKLA focused grant, please contact Vania Campos at
  • Programs must be implemented within the United States.
  • Awarded grant funds must be spent within a one-year period.

Data reporting:

  • Your organization must be up to date with reporting in Shelter Animals Count (SAC) through May 2019, and you will need to download and attach your SAC stats reports to your grant application. If you are unsure of your data status, please log in to SAC to determine if your group is required to report in SAC.
  • If you are a spay/neuter group, intake prevention group, transport-only group or other group not eligible to report in Shelter Animals Count, you will need to submit your 2018 annual statistics with your application.
  • For Rachael Ray Save Them All Grant applications only, you must complete the gap analysis tool and upload the final recommendation page with your grant application. Applications without the final recommendation page will be considered incomplete and will not be considered. Access the Best Friends Gap Analysis Tool here or watch a tutorial on how to use the tool and upload the recommendation page for your application.
  • For Rachael Ray No-Kill Excellence Grant applications only, your application must include a screenshot of your community’s page in the community lifesaving dashboard. Access the community lifesaving dashboard here

Tracking and reporting:

All organizations receiving grants must track and report the following:

  • Detailed documentation of how the funds were spent and (if requested) copies, of receipts, adoption contracts and other documentation to support your outcomes.
  • For adoption and spay/neuter projects, data and details on the following must be submitted quarterly (depending on project type) for dog adoptions, cat adoptions, dog spay/neuter and cat spay/neuter.
  • For intake prevention programs, main program statistics for the following types of projects must be submitted quarterly: number of families served, intake reduction at your local municipal shelter and number of animals trained.
  • For all projects, unless otherwise obtained through network partner data reporting, the following stats for the municipal shelter serving your target area must be submitted quarterly for a baseline year and your grant period: dog intakes, dog live outcomes, dog other outcomes, cat intakes, cat live outcomes and cat other outcomes.

For Rachael Ray No-Kill Excellence Grant projects only, we reserve the right to identify additional reporting metrics appropriate to the scope and impact of the project. Grant recipients will be required to submit one success story of the awarded project to Best Friends Animal Society. Stories will help us promote The Rachael Ray Foundation grants in the future. Failure to submit timely and accurate reports on the progress of your project can impact the ability to receive future funding.

If you have questions about the grants or requirements, contact us at Please note that during an open grant cycle, our response time to emails and voicemails is significantly delayed. We ask that you take the time to ensure you meet all requirements and plan for those items we’ll need to check on. Because we are unable to fast track applications for partnership or respond to urgent requests during this time, we appreciate your understanding.

Our grant cycle is now closed and we are no longer accepting applications.