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Rachael Ray grant resources

Rachael Ray Grants webinar

  • Click here to watch a recording of the Rachael Ray Grants webinar.
  • It includes an overview of the Rachael Ray Save Them All grants and the new Rachael Ray No-Kill Excellence grants, as well as demos of the gap analysis tool and the community lifesaving dashboard.

Navigating our grant management platform

  1. Access our grant management system
  2. If you have not registered, you will need to go through the registration process. Review a short tutorial on how to register.
  3. View a tutorial on how to apply for a grant via our grant management platform.
  4. Learn how to navigate your dashboard to edit, view, and access grant requests for your organization.

Downloading report and coalition verification in Shelter Animals Count (SAC)

  1. Access SAC and log into your organization’s account.
  2. To verify coalition status, choose “manage coalitions” in the menu on the right.
  3. Save a screenshot of this page, which should show “Best Friends coalition” and the associated status as “active” in that coalition.
  4. Choose “reports” from the menu on the right.
  5. Select locations.
  6. Set time frame. For this cycle, you will need to download reports for the following time periods (calendar year 2018 and from January to May of 2019) and then click “run report.”
  7. Download and save reports for the following time periods (calendar year 2018 and from January to May of 2019). For each time period, download CSV location by month and PDF. You should end up with four reports for uploading to your application.

Perform a gap analysis

  1. Access our Gap Analysis Tool.
  2. Be sure you have access to the following for the shelter/organization for which you will be performing the gap analysis:
    • A full year of data divided into categories for both dogs and cats, including live intakes, live outcomes and other outcomes
    • Annual operating budget (with associated year) and information about how your shelter is funded
    • Basic information about your shelter operations, such as animal care, field services and fostering
    • Depending on your shelter’s current save rate, you may also be asked to provide the following data so that we can provide you with more customized recommendations: animal intake type (stray or owner surrender, over-the-counter or field, etc.) and reason for euthanasia (medical, behavioral, etc.).
  3. Save the last page of recommendations so you can upload that to your grant application.

Get a community screenshot on the community lifesaving dashboard

  1. Access the Community Lifesaving Dashboard.
  2. Select your state on the map
  3. Select the community impacted by your project or, alternatively, you can type in the community name by clicking on the magnifying glass or the search icon at the top, left-hand side of the map.
    • If you have selected a shelter, you have zoomed in too far. For the purposes of this grant, we ask that you only zoom in to the community view. 
  4. Save a screenshot to upload to your grant application.