Smiling yellow Labrador with red and white holiday ornaments

Bring Joy to Your World

Save lives this holiday season through Best Friends’ “Bring Joy” adoption promotion. Featuring $25 or less adoptions for cats and dogs, we’re bringing joy to homes across the country from December 1 to 31. Help ring in glad tidings throughout your community by joining in, and give some furry friends a home for the holidays.

Need more information or help explaining to the community how reduced fees can be an effective way of boosting adoptions? Check out this article.

National adoption promotions not only help pets in your area find homes — they benefit your entire organization. When you participate, your group is spotlighted with nationwide advertising, celebrity backing and Best Friends’ member messaging, all of which helps you save more lives. During our last year’s Holiday adoption special, participating rescue groups and shelters found homes for over 6,600 cats and dog.

Registration is now closed.

What’s in it for participating Network partners?

  • A chance to win up to $8,000 in cash for your organization! To qualify, make sure you are up-to-date on required data reporting.
  • National advertising by Best Friends and promotion by celebrity supporters
  • Marketing kit filled with professionally designed flyers, posters and kennel tags. Must opt in to receive a kit. These marketing kits will be mailed out the week of November 11.
  • Access to an array of online resources and marketing materials available for download, including customizable flyers, posters, web banners, social media images and more to help your group get the word out. Online marketing toolkit will be available the week of November 11.
  • Partners participating nationwide are located here.

*To be considered for the $500 registration award, you must meet the qualifications to participate and submit the required online promotion report following the conclusion of Bring Joy. The awards will be divided through two separate, random drawings as follows: five awards to 501(c)(3) rescues, and five awards to municipal shelters/501(c)(3) rescues with a municipal contract.

Planning to participate?

  • To participate in this promotion, your organization needs to be an approved No More Homeless Pets Network partner. If your organization is not yet a Network partner, please click here to apply. We’d love for you to take part in future Network partner offerings. Our application and approval process can take several weeks, so please plan ahead and apply now.
  • Using Best Friends’ marketing materials: Bring joy to your world is a national adoption promotion sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society and the marketing designs and logo should not be altered or used out of context or outside of the set dates for this promotion. Learn the importance of consistent messages and images for Best Friends promotion.
  • After the promotion is complete, you will also need to submit an online promotion report, which we will provide for you via email after the promotion ends. This report will ask for your adoption numbers and general feedback on the promotion.