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Adopt to Save Them All: Summer Adoption Promotion

We hope you will join us this summer for a lifesaving season by participating in Best Friends' Adopt to Save Them All: Summer Adoption Promotion.

Stay tuned for dates and details coming soon.

What’s in it for participating Network partners?

  • You could win up to $2,500 for participating in our summer adoption promotion! 
  • National advertising by Best Friends and promotion by celebrity supporters
  • Marketing kit filled with professionally designed flyers, posters and kennel tags. 
  • Access to online resources and marketing materials available for download, including customizable flyers, posters, web banners, social media images and more to help your group get the word out. 
  • Your organization listed on our national adoption promotion page on

Participants in national adoption promotions through Best Friends agree to:

  • Promote participation on their organization's website, Facebook page, and/or other applicable means of advertising during the promotion time frame, using the marketing collateral provided by Best Friends. Additionally, participants acknowledge that the marketing materials and logo should not be used out of context or outside of the set dates for this promotion.
  • Lower adoption fees to the promotion rate for all or selected animals (perhaps seniors, special needs animals, long-term residents, etc.) This is a requirement to participate in this promotion, as that is how it will be nationally advertised. You are not required to lower adoption fees for ALL animals, though we recommend doing so! 
  • Participate for the entire promotion period in accordance with Best Friends' guidelines.
  • Submit promotion report. Participants will receive an email after the promotion has ended with a link to a simple reporting form. Your general feedback on the promotion is sought, as well as your total adoption numbers during the promotion. This data is separate from the required, monthly data reports you submit to Shelter Animals Count.

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