Smiling woman with lavender hair hugging a shepherd-type dog who is wearing a bandanna

Shelter and field assessments

Our municipal and shelter support team uses a collaborative approach to each partnership. As a rule, we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach, because just like every individual animal, each organization and the community it serves has its own individual personality and needs.

We work with organizations to provide on-site or virtual professional assessments of shelter operations, community programs and field operations. Assessments are designed to identify specific areas of need and help guide the implementation of proven strategies in animal welfare. Ongoing support is provided during and after implementation to ensure new programs and practices are sustainable and successful.

The assessments Best Friends provide are free, comprehensive and include evaluation of areas such as organizational culture, internal communications, customer service, shelter policies, staff structure, population, and animal care and behavior.

Best Friends also provides hands-on training led by experienced field officers for a wide array of animal-related issues.

If you are interested in assessments, please contact your regional specialist.

You can learn more about the municipal and shelter support team here