Two kittens sitting in open doorway of cage

National Embed Program Team

The National Shelter Embed Program originated in 2011 when Best Friends partnered with PetSmart Charities to pilot Community Cat Projects. Through the programs, we placed Best Friends staff members in shelters to lead these lifesaving efforts that increased cat save rates dramatically. Today, the National Embed Program continues this same concept, placing Best Friends staff members in agencies across the country to work side-by-side implementing proven lifesaving strategies that will guide them to achieve no-kill status.

Agencies with the highest lifesaving gaps qualify to have leadership staff embedded at their agency for up to one year in order to lead systemic change and coach the agency in how to sustain new ways of working. These short-term, program-specific embeds are backed by a diverse array of subject matter experts and are designed to help partner organizations accomplish lifesaving outcomes that would normally take years in just months.

If you are interested in one of these programs for your organization, please contact your regional team.

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated team members who work side-by-side or remotely with partner agencies to help them make exponential leaps in lifesaving.