Taylor Sharp, specialist

Taylor Sharptaylors@bestfriends.org

Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington

I joined Best Friends in June of 2015 and could not be more honored to work with such amazing people. I received a degree in psychology after completing my research, studying the effect and/or benefit that shelter pets had on college students with anxiety and social disorders. I knew at the age of seven that I wanted to help animals after adopting my cats. I volunteered at my local shelter for years and eventually worked my way up to teaching the service portion of a college course on training shelter dogs to help with adoptability.

I began my work with Best Friends in the summer of 2014 as an intern with the national events and national marketing departments. After a short stint working for a large medical nonprofit, I joined the Network team working with partners on events, and am now the specialist for Region 6. I appreciate going to work each day knowing that my colleagues are just as dedicated to saving lives as I am.

I live in Seattle with the ruler of my house, Asia, who was my office dog during my time in Kanab and has been my best friend ever since.