Nikki Kelley, senior manager of network operations

Nikki Kelley


I have worked with Best Friends since 2013. After adopting my first rescue dog in 2008, I began volunteering for local rescue groups. At the time I was working as a consulting analyst, and while I enjoyed my career it didn't take me long to realize I wanted to switch gears and transition into animal advocacy. I had been a huge fan of Best Friends for years, and was excited to join the team to manage the data and operations processes for the Best Friends Network. I am thrilled to collaborate with the dedicated team at Best Friends and our network of partner organizations to help Save Them All.

I am a math nerd at heart, and I enjoy helping network partners understand the importance of reporting statistics and the potential in statistics for persuading others to join our movement. While we all work tirelessly every day to save as many animal lives as possible, there are people out there who are only interested in the hard facts. By collecting accurate data, we have a tool to reach those people and to show them how our efforts are creating change.

I live in Nashville with my husband and our animal posse: Charlie the street dog (and my best friend); Olive, aka The Boss; Daphne, the over-sized lap dog; and Robot, objectively the coolest cat in the world.