Elizabeth Bennett, senior manager of the Best Friends Network

Elizabeth Bennett with a dog


As senior manager of the Best Friends Network, Elizabeth works with an incredible team to celebrate, support, and amplify the 2,700+ shelters, rescues, and intake prevention groups that comprise the Best Friends Network. In 2016, she founded Prose for Paws, a non-profit that provides pro bono grant writing services to animal welfare organizations in California. Prior to joining Best Friends, she served as director of communications for Stanford University’s Center for Ethics in Society. She started her career at Stanford as a post-doctoral researcher at the Stanford Humanities Center after completing a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Elizabeth is grateful to be able to use her research-based approach to problem solving and diverse communication experience to drive her personal mission of making the lives of animal-sheltering professionals easier.

Elizabeth and her husband spend their time surfing and mountain biking with a 3-year-old little man cub, an enormous hound and a stumpy pitbull. They live near the beach in Orange County, California.