Angela Rovetto, Mid-Atlantic regional manager

Angela Rovettoangelar@bestfriends.org

District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia

Looking back, I was organically exposed to individual animal rescue as a young child, having a grandparent who cared for the many neighborhood cats and dogs. I loved visiting to help care for and learn about each of those she lovingly took care of.

Fast forward 25 years, I officially began as a caregiver in Dogtown in 2007 and moved up to Team Lead during a pivotal period of growth for Best Friends. I worked in Emergency response and, in 2011 moved to Los Angeles to be part of the team to open and operate the Best Friends Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter center where we provide many services and resources to an underserved area in Los Angeles.

I’ve had priceless experiences over my 4 years at the Sanctuary and 5+ years in L.A. wearing many different operational hats, gaining insights through various sets of eyes and points of view regarding cats, dogs and people. In each role I’ve played, I’ve gleaned rounded exposure to the ongoing issues, challenges and work-throughs and have always been mindful of how vital connecting and sharing these lessons and findings with other animal shelters, groups and non-profits is, but searching for the “how” to do this.

My most recent position allowed me to work in support of coalition relationships where I found that “how”, seeing the value in having a space where healthy, respectful, honest communication, support and collaboration among private and public animal welfare entities has made literal lifesaving differences to the animals and those doing this hard work.

I have one dog who helps me indulge my wish to have more pets than feasible in a lifetime by having a rotation of fosters, specifically seniors and special needs dogs. I look forward to connecting and being a resource to support the lifesaving efforts each Network partner has been and continues to do.