Andie Peart, senior analyst of network operations

Andie Peart with a dog


Location: Jacksonville, Florida #DUUUUVVALLLL

Past Life: Chuck E. Cheese Party Host, intake specialist and rescue coordinator for LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta. No-kill communities project manager at Best Friends Animal Society. 

Likes: resource sharing, fee-free reclaims, dad jokes, data (duh), Miller Light and clicker-training. 

Dislikes: resource guarding, de-clawing cats, harmonicas, washing dishes, cat litter, tethering and the oxford comma.

Education: PhD YouTube University. Masters of Non-profit Management from Northeastern University. Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design. 

Skills: herding cats (literally and figuratively), alternative placements, bouncing-back, relationship building, messy-buns and creative data solutions. 

Weaknesses: Jason Momoa, cats who like belly rubs, dive bars, popcorn kittens, mangey puppies and angry-little-face-biters.

Hobbies: hiking, yoga, bumper pool, home renovations, fostering, scooters, TNR and napping.

Pets: Whiskey (dog) Cletus (cat; not pictured)

Human: Still single y’all