Abbi Crowe, operations

Abbi Croweabbiec@bestfriends.org

I joined Best Friends in November 2015 and am thrilled to be part of the Best Friends Network operations team. My background is in the financial software and database industry, and I am happy to be combining my experience and knowledge of data with my passion for animals.

An animal lover all my life, I volunteered locally for shelters and rescue groups and first visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in 2010. I became even more hooked on Best Friends after that trip and volunteered in a number of roles ─ an amazing experience. When my current position became available, I knew it was an opportunity that was meant to be. I’m thrilled to be able to help wrangle data and help show the positive impacts that groups around the country are making in the effort to Save Them All.

My husband and I currently share our home with four rescued dogs: Jackson, our old man and the first dog we adopted together; Hannah, my running partner who helped me dive deep into local animal welfare; Mama, a quirky little dog who was pulled from a euthanasia list in Georgia and spent more than four years at a rescue without any takers; and Ralph, a goofy blockhead who is the world’s best snuggler. In the case of Mama, we’re convinced we didn’t decide to adopt her, she just decided to move in.