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We consistently add new resources to our site to keep you informed on the latest topics in animal welfare, updated on innovative lifesaving strategies, and informed on new tools to improve operations. 

We added new resources and information in March in the following categories:

Animal Care & Control

Community Cats & Kittens Resources


  • Rescue Roadblock Pledge Participants Share Their Successes- Last fall, we challenged our Network partners to become roadblock-free. By getting rid of intrusive application processes and a plethora of requirements for every dog or cat going into a new home, our industry will be better positioned to reach our shared goals of reducing the number of pets in shelters, increasing the number of animal-friendly communities, and providing more resources to keep pets in their homes in the first place.
  • Latest Data Analysis Reveals Most Common Reasons for Owner Surrender- The recently released Pet Owner Surrender data analysis completed by the business intelligence department here at Best Friends had its roots in conversations from the 2018 conference in Dallas where attendees were talking about the reasons why people surrendered pets to shelters. Clearly there was a need to analyze shelter data and find out for sure what was driving people to relinquish pets to shelters so that our industry could come up with ways to stem that tide.
  • Inclusive External Communications Council Digs into Ways to Reach, Reflect Diverse Audiences- A few weeks ago you read about some of the work of the People Experience Council in a previous editorial, and we wanted to share what the Inclusive External Communications (IEC) council has been up to. Of course, we know we have a massive amount of work ahead, so we’re taking baby steps just like the rest of the councils and are starting off with some charter goals.

Marketing & Communication

  • Tools to help you write Op-Eds- It’s important and impactful for community members to hear from their local shelter leaders on animal welfare topics and issues. The information is provided to help you craft an Op-Ed that is effective in delivering your opinion with data-backed information to make your point clear and persuasive and to create a call to action.


Town Halls

  • Let's Get Them Home, part 2- Now that we’re halfway through the “No Place Like Home Challenge,” we have invited a group of participating organizations to continue our conversation from the January 2021 “Let’s Get Them Home” town hall. We discussed the evolutions and “ah-ha” moments our panel of animal welfare leaders have discovered by taking a fresh look at their current “return-to-owner” efforts during the challenge this month. 

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