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Summer to Save Them All: Summer Adoption Promotions

Summer is almost here, and you can help make it a lifesaving season by participating in Best Friends’ “Adopt to Save Them All” Summer Adoption Promotions. In December, our Bring Joy promotion resulted in over 11,300 adoptions nationwide! Join us and register for up to three promotions today:·  

  • June 1-30 Cat Adoption Promotion ($10 cat adoptions)
  • July 1-4 Independence Day Adoption Promotion ($17.76 cat and dog adoptions)
  •  August 1-30 Adoption Promotion ($20 cat and dog adoptions)

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What’s in it for participating Network partners?

  • You could win up to $2,500 for participating in our summer adoption promotions! Click here for full terms and conditions.
  • National advertising by Best Friends and promotion by celebrity supporters
  • Marketing kit filled with professionally designed flyers, posters and kennel tags. These marketing kits will be mailed out approximately three weeks before the promotion start date. Mailing kits include: 40 flyers, 10 posters, 25 display flyers, and 40 kennel tags per promotion.
  • Access to online resources and marketing materials available for download, including customizable flyers, posters, web banners, social media images and more to help your group get the word out. Online marketing toolkits will be available approximately three weeks before the promotions begin.
  • Your organization listed on our national adoption promotion page on

Learn more about why our marketing materials feature the Best Friends “Save Them All” messaging, and why this is an effective tool for partners.

Planning to participate? Click here to learn about participation and reporting requirements.