Siamese mix cat with a woman

Data Definitions

Organization Type Definitions

Nonprofit Rescue Organization - Nonprofit organizations that takes in and places animals, but does not have a contract for animal care and/or control with a government agency.

Private Shelter with a Municipal Contract - Nonprofit organizations that takes in and places animals that has a contract for animal care and/or control with a government agency.

Municipal shelter - organization that has the animal control/shelter contract with a government agency, such as a city or county.

Private Friends of a Municipal Shelter -  Groups that exist only to support a specific municipal shelter and do not take in or adopt out animals within your own organization. Friends of groups must report the shelter's statistics.

Spay/Neuter Only Group - Organizations that only perform or subsidize spay/neuter surgeries (no rescue activities).

Intake Prevention Organization - Organizations that operate intake diversion programs (no rescue activities).

Transport Organization - Organizations that operate transport programs on behalf of shelters and/or rescues (no rescue activities).

Shelter Animals Count Registration Information

Groups that need to register with SAC:

  • Foster based organizations, animal care and control agencies and any organization that is involved in intake and outcome of adoptions, return to owner or transfers should register.

Groups that do not need to register with SAC:

  • Spay/Neuter-only organizations.
  • Intake Prevention organizations.
  • Transport organizations.

Additional Information:

  • “Friends of” organizations: We request monthly data for the shelter you support. The shelter must register with SAC, however they can designate you to enter data on their behalf. 
  • TNR organizations: If you also place cats through adoption rather than strictly Return to Field outcomes, please register your organization and report for these cats as intakes and outcomes. 

Please feel free to contact us at if you are not sure whether your organization needs to register with Shelter Animals Count.